Criminal Activity Tips

Reporting Suspicious Activity


How do you think the tips will help people react in an emergency or help them identify suspicious activity?

The public's assistance is critical to aiding law enforcement who are working to keep our community safe. No one knows what goes on in our neighborhood better than our local citizens. Police Officers in Starbuck rely on the instincts and perceptions of citizens to detect activity that is out of the ordinary. Always remember, your safety comes first.


1. A person or vehicle stays in the same place for an unusual length of time.

2. A parked car with the engine running- regardless of a person inside or not.

3. A person behaves strangely or exhibits unusual movements, looks out of place, or is wandering aimlessly.

4. A person concealing an object, carrying a weapon or suspicious bag.

5. A person looking into cars, moving from car to car, and/or tries door handles.

6. A person looking into windows of homes, or forcibly entering a car or home.

7. A person running from a home for no apparent reason, especially at night.

8. A person carrying/transporting unusual/valuable objects, day or night.

9. A person sells/conducts business out of their car, van, truck, or other vehicle.

10. A vehicle drives around your block frequently, slowing down, speeding up.

11. A vehicle without lights on, arriving or leaving at night.

12. A person you don’t know offering candy or gifts to children.

13. A person leaving a neighbor’s house who isn’t the neighbor or someone you recognize or uniformed.



Has there been examples of suspicious activity going on at a higher rate in Starbuck or Pope County?

We have had a lot of reports of suspicious persons in residential and business areas, such as people walking around with backpacks late at night, people walking down dark alleys, and meeting parties behind houses and businesses, and people hanging out for long periods of time in areas where people usually don’t wait. We also have reports suspicious vehicles that either parked on side streets in dark areas or are constantly driving up and down city streets that just look out of place. Vehicles that are making frequent stops on side streets at residences and are there just for a short period of time. Most of the suspicious activity reported is related to suspected drug activity happening in our area.


Can you give me a quote how these tips for reporting suspicious activity might help create a safer Starbuck?


The more citizens observe, the more helpful their information will be, however all information is important. Even if you don't have complete details, please provide information you do have. If it’s suspicious to you, it’s suspicious to police. It is better to be safe than sorry. Our neighbors are our best defense against crime. Refuse to be a victim. "If you see something, Say something." (Quote from the US Department of Homeland Security)

Tips Below on what to report:


  • Hair color
  • Hair length
  • Absence or presence of facial hair, and if present, facial hair color
  • Eye color
  • Approximate age
  • Approximate height
  • Approximate weight
  • Distinguishing characteristics, such as visible scars, tattoos, piercings or deformities
  • Clothing, including pants/shorts/skirt/dress, shirt sleeve length, presence of coat/jacket, wearing/not wearing hat or glasses, color of all articles of clothing


  • License plate number and state
  • Vehicle make/model
  • Approximate year of vehicle
  • Vehicle color
  • Number of doors on vehicle
  • Any visible bumper stickers or window stickers, including their size, color, placement and content
  • Any visible damage to vehicle, such as paint damage, body damage, broken/missing glass, damaged or non-working head or tail light


Prompt and detailed reporting of suspicious activities can help prevent violent crimes or terrorist attacks. If you see suspicious activity, please report it to Starbuck Police Department or your local department. Local law enforcement officers can respond quickly. Once they assess the situation, they can obtain additional support.
Citizens should always call local law enforcement. If you see something suspicious, please call local law enforcement. If there is a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or for non-emergencies call dispatch 320-239-2311 or our office line 320-239-8477 (TIPS). When reporting suspicious activity, it is helpful to give the most accurate description possible, including: Brief description of the activity; Date, time and location of the activity; Physical identifiers of anyone you observed; Descriptions of vehicles; Information about where people involved in suspicious activities may have gone; and your name and contact information, which is optional.
Remember you can report on suspicious activities anonymously. If you see suspicious activity, please report it to your local police department. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911. (Information above was provided by Homeland Security)
Starbuck Police Chief Mitch Johnsrud


Office: 320-239-8477 (TIPS)

Dispatch: 320-239-2311