Holly Skogen Vision and Mission 2023

The Pederson family granted the land as a community park to the city of Starbuck for $1.00. His family, with the help of many community organizations and individuals, built a legacy of imagination, creativity, wonder, and preservation of natural areas for adults and children to play and learn. The theme of the park was a tribute to the legends of Scandinavian Culture, with trolls and gnomes dominating the trails. We shall make every effort to preserve this vision as we maintain the property for future generations.

Safety and Accessibility
It should remain a safe and free zone for children and adults. BY its nature of trails and hills, parts of the park are not accessible to all with limited mobility concerns but an area of the park can be made accessible by creating a curbed access and short trail to the river. (such as the south side on 6th Street)

Natural Prairie Biome

The park is part of the Glacial Ridge Trail System and should be maintained as much as possible with native vegetation of the “edge of prairie biome.” It is especially important to carefully select trees, shrubs, and other plants for the park with this goal. Garden plots in the park may be planted with flowering plants to add to the color and attraction of animal life, especially pollinators (especially monarch butterflies and honey bees) but carefully selected. This means we shouldn’t plant peanuts to attract squirrels or corn to attract deer. However, fruit bearing trees, like choke cherry or wild plum, can be considered. NO INVASIVE SPECIES, no matter how ‘pretty’ their blossom. The difficulty in controlling buckthorn is a good example. MN DNR staff and City Forester can be helpful in guiding us in the selection.

Approved Activities and Use
The park has historically been enjoyed as a place of gathering for families, and for celebrations like baptisms, birthday parties, even weddings. When a large group (over 20) wishes to use the park for an exclusive or extended period, a call to the city offices is appropriate. School groups may use the park for education or fun activities without reservation, however, it is helpful to check with other schools when the ‘county/district day of service’ in the spring and fall is scheduled.

  • Supervision of groups is the responsibility of the group. There is no park “staff”
  • No campfires and no camping or overnight use.
  • No drugs or alcoholic beverages.
  • No drinking water or restrooms are available. (recommending you do not drink from the creek)
  • In general, the park can be used during daylight hours, and closed after sunset.
  • The park will not be maintained during the winter, so it is effectively ‘closed’ to the public for safety reasons.
  • Volunteers and donations for park maintenance are welcome .
  • Leave no trash behind. None.
  • Take only memories, leave only footprints. Exception is if there is a fruit bearing bush. You may also take all the buckthorn you desire. (Special removal procedures are to be used so buckthorn doesn’t return; feel free to pull it by the roots if you can)

The park is maintained primarily by volunteers. If you’d like to help, or have ideas, call the Starbuck City Office.Because there have been some problems with vandalism in the past, trail cameras are in place and monitored.

Report all problems, vandalism, or safety issues to the Starbuck City Office (320-239-2525)