Starbuck Police Department Policies and Procedures

The purpose of these operational policies and procedures is as follows:

 To give clear direction to guide our actions during the carrying out of our respective responsibilities.

  • To comply with federal, state, and local mandates concerning individual policy.
  • To provide direction and consistency in the handling of incidents. 
  • To maintain fair and impartial application of the law. 
  • To assure a professional workplace environment free of bias, sexual harassment, and discrimination.


These policies have been implemented to maintain an organizational structure designed to deliver efficient and effective law enforcement services to the community.  This policy is designed to:

 Clearly establish lines of authority and responsibility within the organization.

  • Provide accountability, functional grouping, and span of control.
  • Outline agency procedures for dealing with conflicting orders.
  • Establish a chain of command within the department.